Kingston K7P Ontario

We have Bars (11), Restaurants (115), Banks (7), Hotels (12), Shops (268), Movie theaters (5), Supermarkets (12), Takeouts (50), Health and beauty (106), Home improvement (154), Attractions (84), Real estate (72), Public services (100) and Education (67)

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Province or area Postal code Telephone code
Ontario K7P Not listed


Bars in Kingston K7P



115 Restaurants in Kingston K7P in 22 categories




Banks in Kingston K7P




Hotels in Kingston K7P



268 Shops in Kingston K7P in 67 categories



Movie theaters

Movie theaters in Kingston K7P




Supermarkets in Kingston K7P



50 Takeouts in Kingston K7P in 12 categories



106 Health and beauty in Kingston K7P in 15 categories



154 Home improvement in Kingston K7P in 24 categories



84 Attractions in Kingston K7P in 18 categories



72 Real estate in Kingston K7P in 11 categories



100 Public services in Kingston K7P in 16 categories



67 Education in Kingston K7P in 28 categories



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Top bars in Kingston K7P

Bars yet to be reviewed


Top restaurants in Kingston K7P

Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top banks in Kingston K7P


Top hotels in Kingston K7P

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Top shops in Kingston K7P

  • HomeSense - Kingston

    656 Gardiners Road Unit 19, at Bath Road, Kingston, K7M 3Y4

    5 star reviewToday I phoned Home Sense in Kingston all geared up for an argument. I purchased ...

  • Wendy May's Antiques - Kingston

    979 Sydenham Road, Kingston, K7M 3L8

    2 star reviewWell organized and clean store. Owner Robert is pleasant but he comes off a ...

  • Fabricland Distributors - Kingston

    500 Gardiners Road, Kingston, K7M 7W9

    2 star reviewin this day and age, full customer service is rare but Fabricland still has it ...


Top movie theaters in Kingston K7P

Movie theaters yet to be reviewed


Top supermarkets in Kingston K7P

Supermarkets yet to be reviewed


Top takeouts in Kingston K7P

Takeouts yet to be reviewed


Top health and beauty in Kingston K7P

Health and beauty yet to be reviewed


Top home improvement in Kingston K7P

  • Carpet Magic - Kingston

    Carpet Cleaning Service

    3095 Princess Street, Kingston, K7L 4V2

    5 star reviewI love carpets, but after 12 years of a white carpet I was considering pulling ...

  • green space design - Kingston

    Landscape Designer

    201 Belmont Avenue, Kingston, K7M 4T3

    5 star reviewMerri of Green Space Design is an excellent project manager. She just got a porch ...


Top attractions in Kingston K7P

Attractions yet to be reviewed


Top real estate in Kingston K7P

Real estate yet to be reviewed


Top public services in Kingston K7P

Public services yet to be reviewed


Top education in Kingston K7P

Education yet to be reviewed