London N5X Ontario

We have Bars (17), Restaurants (127), Banks (13), Hotels (16), Shops (276), Movie theaters (4), Supermarkets (13), Takeouts (48), Health and beauty (117), Home improvement (186), Attractions (86), Real estate (75), Public services (148) and Education (29)

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Ontario N5X Not listed


Bars in London N5X



127 Restaurants in London N5X in 24 categories




Banks in London N5X




Hotels in London N5X



276 Shops in London N5X in 72 categories



Movie theaters

Movie theaters in London N5X




Supermarkets in London N5X



48 Takeouts in London N5X in 11 categories



117 Health and beauty in London N5X in 15 categories



186 Home improvement in London N5X in 24 categories



86 Attractions in London N5X in 17 categories



75 Real estate in London N5X in 12 categories



148 Public services in London N5X in 12 categories



29 Education in London N5X in 14 categories



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Best reviews

Top bars in London N5X

  • Merla Mae Ice Cream Limited - London

    1080 Adelaide Street North, London, N5Y 2N1

    1 star reviewThe manager/owner was extremely rude.I took my girlfriend to Merla Mae's last night for her ...

  • Cowboys Ranch - London

    60 Wharncliffe Road North, London, N6H 2A4

    1 star reviewTried phoning for information, all I got was that mailbox was full, and some guy's ...


Top restaurants in London N5X

  • crave Restaurant - London

    1737 Richmond Street, London, N5X 3Y2

    5 star reviewHad a great experience the other night at Crave. First time there for both of ...

  • Apollo Pizza - London

    695 Hamilton Rd, London, N5Z 1T5

    5 star reviewWould like to say thank you for feeding us best pizza at the east london ...

  • Good Fortune Chinese Take Out - London

    1050 Kipps Lane, London, N5Y

    5 star reviewthe food is great. i thought it would take a long time because i had ...

  • KFC (689 Hamilton Road) - London

    689 Hamilton Road, London, N5Z

    4 star reviewExcellent service and chicken was amazing SURE TO COME BACK! Friday at 7pm ...

  • Nov8 Sushi Galore - London

    Asian Restaurant

    1426 Fanshawe Park Road West, London, N6G 0A4

    3 star reviewWe were in london for our daughter's campus tour and we had dinner at nov ...


Top banks in London N5X


Top hotels in London N5X

Hotels yet to be reviewed


Top shops in London N5X

  • Ann's Tailoring and Design - London

    3-717 Richmond St, London, N6A 1S2

    5 star reviewSUPERB! The first true expert tailor in the past 15 years, where I did not ...

  • Petrov Bridal - London

    246 Dundas Street, London, N6A 1H1

    5 star reviewAbsolutley the BEST experience! Gorgeous gowns and accessories I have never seen before. ...

  • Pet Paradise - London

    1080 Adelaide St N, London, N5Y 2N1

    5 star reviewWhat a wonderful place to visit! There is a wide selection of puppies, kittens, ...

  • Southwest Pet - London

    1641 Dundas St, London, N5W 3C3

    3 star reviewI have used them for several years to maintain my friends(pets) needs whether they are ...

  • Nicholas and Elizabeth Bridal - London

    280 Dundas Street, London, N6B

    3 star reviewI have had nothing but a great experince with this store, They helped me and ...


Top movie theaters in London N5X

Movie theaters yet to be reviewed


Top supermarkets in London N5X

  • Giant Tiger 119 - London

    390 Springbank Drive, Unit1, London, N6J 1G9

    5 star reviewVery clean store, nicely located, and very sexy cashiers.


Top takeouts in London N5X

Takeouts yet to be reviewed


Top health and beauty in London N5X


Top home improvement in London N5X


Top attractions in London N5X

Attractions yet to be reviewed


Top real estate in London N5X

Real estate yet to be reviewed


Top public services in London N5X

Public services yet to be reviewed


Top education in London N5X

Education yet to be reviewed