Laval H7A Quebec

We have Bars (20), Restaurants (167), Banks (12), Hotels (18), Shops (317), Movie theaters (5), Supermarkets (19), Takeouts (91), Health and beauty (152), Education (42), Home improvement (180), Attractions (146), Real estate (105) and Public services (232)

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Province or area Postal code Telephone code
Quebec H7A Not listed


Bars in Laval H7A



167 Restaurants in Laval H7A in 26 categories




Banks in Laval H7A




Hotels in Laval H7A



317 Shops in Laval H7A in 70 categories



Movie theaters

Movie theaters in Laval H7A




Supermarkets in Laval H7A



91 Takeouts in Laval H7A in 15 categories



152 Health and beauty in Laval H7A in 15 categories



42 Education in Laval H7A in 28 categories



180 Home improvement in Laval H7A in 25 categories



146 Attractions in Laval H7A in 23 categories



105 Real estate in Laval H7A in 12 categories



232 Public services in Laval H7A in 14 categories



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Best reviews

Top bars in Laval H7A

Bars yet to be reviewed


Top restaurants in Laval H7A

  • Pastavera - Montreal

    12001, avenue Alexis-Carrel, Montreal, H1E 4B8

    5 star reviewyour eggplant pamagion is very good when my boss brought over for the Christmas party ...

  • Restaurant Semolina - Anjou

    9201, boulevard Metropolitain Est, Anjou, H1J 1K2

    5 star reviewJust as good as your Mamma's cooking but don't tell your Mama that.

  • Restaurant Hong Wah Enr - Montreal

    8250, boulevard Maurice-Duplessis, Montreal, H1E 3A3

    1 star reviewawful service and food is not good


Top banks in Laval H7A

Banks yet to be reviewed


Top hotels in Laval H7A

Hotels yet to be reviewed


Top shops in Laval H7A

  • Vania Spose - Saint Leonard

    6440, Rue Jean-Talon Est, Saint Leonard, H1S 1M8

    5 star reviewMVania is a professional , she really knows what she's doing! I love Vania! ...

  • Cavallaro - Anjou

    7500, boulevard Les Galeries d'Anjou, Anjou, H1M 3M4

    5 star reviewThis is a really great shop. The service is warm and friendly and you can't ...


Top movie theaters in Laval H7A

Movie theaters yet to be reviewed


Top supermarkets in Laval H7A

Supermarkets yet to be reviewed


Top takeouts in Laval H7A

Takeouts yet to be reviewed


Top health and beauty in Laval H7A

  • Sears Hair Studio - Anjou, D'Anjou

    Beauty Salon

    Anjou, D'Anjou, H1M 1W6

    5 star reviewExcellent Salon....came in to fix my hair cut and i left with a nice cut ...

  • Love Thy HnS - Montreal

    Beauty Supply Store

    Montreal, H1C 1L2

    5 star reviewI was looking for some hair products for wavy/curly hair and decided that I wanted ...


Top education in Laval H7A

Education yet to be reviewed


Top home improvement in Laval H7A

Home improvement yet to be reviewed


Top attractions in Laval H7A

Attractions yet to be reviewed


Top real estate in Laval H7A

Real estate yet to be reviewed


Top public services in Laval H7A

Public services yet to be reviewed