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Tuesday 16th July 2019 11:33 pm


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Tips Staffing 324 39 Ave SE, Calgary T2G 1X6 Employment agency
Phone Official website Opening hours
(403) 216-0030 No website listed yet CLOSED now


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        1 star out of 5
        3 reviews


  • 1 star reviewNo stars from me just needed one to post. This is neither a rant, nor a personal vendetta there are just so many issues that simply must be addressed, sooner than later. There are many unfortunate souls from all walks of life, who come to this "Staffing Agency" (far from it, they should be listed as *Temporary* Staffing Agency), seeking help in their job search for one reason or another and their lives are being ruined even further by these evil, evil people. (They deserve 2 Evils. I've pleaded with the owner himself to change their attitude for goodness' sake, just to be stonewalled) The ladies mentioned in many reviews below are exactly as described (once they feel they know you and you're no threat) and just this morning one of the agents comes out from the back reeking to heaven like weed clearly intoxicated, eyes bloodshot. While I don't care if that's how she wants to conduct her business I find it interesting that just last week she sent home a lady accusing her of being drunk when said lady had probably simply used hand sanitizer after getting off the CTrain, just as I would (but that's a whole other story). Perhaps she has a prejudice against East Indian people (definitely worth looking into), whom I personally know to be some of the cleanest and most professional people in the world. The lady neither looked nor acted drunk and the agent never even bothered to have a conversation with her. I was planning to write only a few short sentences, I just can't. Too much is too much. The agents in this particular office seem to have this attitude like just because they're on that side of the counter it makes them queen, judge and executioner and the people on this side mere peasants, like we're still in medieval times, treating them accordingly. A lot of yelling, a lot of condescending patronizing in the pep talks, with no real understanding of people, the industry and safety issues therein. So, here is my firsthand example. I worked hard for TIPS in October 2018 to make ends meet between jobs, going through a transitional phase in life after having recently finished a college course. On my way to a kind, generous and lucrative employment offer this morning, I had to hop the train to drop off my last Timesheet and hopefully collect a small advance as "nice" and "professional" as these people are, so I could pay my fare, get back on my feet and continue giving back to society. My name is difficult to misspell when it's on most of the city's trains, the name of a multinational company with 2 offices present in this city. Even after having me spell out "S I E M E N S", the blonde lady dressed as a skeleton, whom I never really got to meet, still got my name wrong writing it "Siemeng". Being written on a cheque (an important document), I attempted to call her attention to the spelling error saying: 'My name is "Siemens" not "Siemeng". The whole world seemed to stop for a moment as the whole office converged on me with all kinds of critique of my "attitude", threatening to call the cops if I don't leave and effectively pushing me out the door even locking it like I'm dangerous (which they really love to do there, when really somebody should be calling the Authorities on their abusive, discriminatory malpractice). About half hour later I come across the owner at the Mall as I'm about to find a place to sit down and write this review. I try to explain to him that I meant no disrespect, malice or harm but was simply trying to have my name spelled correctly, in the hopes of settling the issue at hand in a diplomatic, civilized manner. The man simply stonewalled me even saying I'm acting like I'm on something. These people are just so evil taking advantage of people who they think are helpless, ruining their lives even further than already done, and thereby ruining the community one worker at a time. Again, this is not about me this is about Calgary. #YYC, please do something it is your city that's at stake.Will be posting on most major review sites. I rest my case. #Injustice #Evil #Corruption #Greed #YYC #haveAheart Amen
    Siegfried Siemens Reviewed 1st November 2018 5:01 AM
  • 1 star reviewUnprofessional and rude.They still owe me money that i will never see. You have to wait an hour in the morning every week to pick up your cheque because the girl is too busy talking on the phone and not attending to the line up thats going out the door. On top of that, a few of them can be very rude. Worst temp agency in Calgary.
    Bob Reviewed 11th April 2017 6:26 PM
  • 1 star reviewExtremely unprofessional staff behind the front desk..very rude and ignorant,tell you one thing and then do something completely different .Management /owner has no clue how there staff talk to individuals looking for work ,they swear ,make belittling comments both in person and over the phone. Will never work for them!
    Kuro K Reviewed 26th September 2016 8:42 PM

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